Bayonetta 3 Reveal On April 11 [Rumor]


After an April Fool’s joke, Sega secretly launched a brand new website without a penny however a counter onto it. The only real factor noticeable may be the feet of Bayonetta, which would mean that Sega will announce Bayonetta 3. It’s a game title many would like to see, given the quantity of praise the second Wii U-exclusive game got.

Players can consider the website and find out on their own, though many have speculated that could be another thing. We’ll soon discover in April 11, because there are six more days to visit up until the reveal. It will likely be interesting to determine what Sega has up their sleeves, given the quantity of love many have for Bayonetta.

A Re-Release?

Even though many are wishing it will likely be Bayonetta 3, Polygon noticed that the shoe originates from the very first game’s cover. Because the April Fool’s joke – an 8-bit flash game – ended on PC, most are presuming the very first game is due Steam. Thinking about the way the first Bayonetta is just on PS3, Xbox 360 Console and Wii U, this can be a much-needed re-release.

Obviously, the reveal may be Bayonetta 2 around the PS4 and Xbox One, or perhaps the Nintendo Switch. This really is perhaps the very best action game around the Wii U along with a version on current-gen consoles could be applauded. A Switch form of the sport also makes a lot of sense, given the quantity of love Nintendo gave the follow up, even including her in Super Smash Bros.

April 11 Can’t Come In No Time

Whether it’s Bayonetta 3 or perhaps a re-discharge of Bayonetta 2, this news Sega is going to be announcing has fans excited for his or her next project. One factor that’s sure would be that the game may have Bayonetta inside it, which needs to be enough to lure fans to jump in. It’s too soon to visualize that the new game within the series is originating, but there’s nothing saying it can’t be considered a new game either.

Bayonetta 2 would be a game that helped to make the Wii U standout, although it couldn’t completely save the console itself. Still, the recognition from the title am big it brought towards the character appearing in Smash Bros and becoming her very own Amiibo figure. Sega still owns the series, therefore the follow up could seem on other consoles, however a new game or perhaps a re-release on Nintendo Switch is extremely likely.


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