Overwatch April 11 Predictions: 25th Hero Reveal, Daily Rewards, And Much More


It appears like big situations are going to Blizzard’s hit shooter in a few days because the developer is certainly preparing something for that game. Players take presctiption edge in regards to what may happen on April 11 and they’re all virtually unaware too. Still, we already have a couple of speculations in regards to what Blizzard brings to Overwatch in a few days.

The current tease by Blizzard required the city by storm and players are scrambling to discover what’s going to happen on Overwatch this April 11. The tweet is a relevant video using the words “King’s Row uprising getting into record seven years back. Security clearance needed: private.” All that we understand for the time being is the fact that it’ll have something related to King’s Row and that’s virtually it. Here’s what might happen on April 11 in Overwatch.

New Event

From the feel of things, it’s most likely that there’s an approaching event in Overwatch this April 11. If there’s one, then it might be a large surprise to players as past occasions were always consistent with a periodic event. We still shouldn’t dismiss the concept that Blizzard might be holding non-periodic occasions that belongs to them to fill the space between periodic occasions.

Character Tease

Following the discharge of Orisa recently, it’s most unlikely for Blizzard to produce another character this in early stages. However, there is nothing stopping Blizzard from teasing the following possible hero this early. Doomfist may be the next rumored character for that game, however it appears such as the April 11 announcement may have something related to King’s Row and never Numbani a place associated with Doomfist.

Within an interview with IBTimes, Overwatch director Shaun Kaplan reveals the 25th hero has already been deep in development. What this means is the brand new hero might be revealed soon.

New Feature?

Another possible announcement is the fact that Blizzard will introduce a brand new feature towards the game. We’re speculating that Blizzard could add missions that change on whether weekly or regular basis. Many games have daily and weekly missions to complete, but Overwatch does not have one yet. It’s about time that Blizzard introduces the feature to ensure that players have much more need to sign in and play. If the does happen, then it appears as though the missions is going to be rotating together with maps the very first which might be King’s Row.

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