Battlefield 1 DLC Reveals On April 6, EA Dice Teases A Couple of Surprises


It appears as though we’ll finally find out more information regarding a few of the approaching Battlefield 1 DLC on April 6. The game’s developer DICE confirmed that people could be seeing more information on the game’s expansion and much more this month. Fans happen to be waiting with patience for any need to purchase the season pass and April 6 might provide them with one.

An admirer shared the publish around the game’s subreddit, immediately exciting them for that game’s future DLC and much more. While the organization was vague on details for that extra content, details for that expansions were confirmed, pleasing the fans. Given how popular the sport is, expect the DLC to become just like popular, presuming it’s really good.

Battlefield Won

Since the sport has gotten critical acclaim, there isn’t any better time a single article more Battlefield 1 DLCs. Fans happen to be experiencing the game’s massive multi-player, which have ample modes and weapons for players to make use of. The development packs must only boost the game’s already high recognition, given the quantity of praise the internet multi-player got.

Presently, the only real expansion available is that they Shall Not Pass, which added more weapons and also the French Army. Fans that buy the premium pass will get access to these expansions two days before launch, so that’s something. Here’s wishing the release dates for that approaching expansions will also be touched this week.

Expanding War

Since we are seeing more Battlefield 1 DLC information on April 6, there’s a strong possibility that we will receive a release date or more for other expansions. Like They Shall Not Pass, fans can get new weapons, in addition to new military to make use of in multi-player.They may not seem like great content, however it does then add variety around the world War-based shooter.

It appears such as these DLC packs take a moment to create, however they appear to become worthwhile over time, because the Battlefield games have ample replayability. Some fans still play Battlefield 4 even today, though it’s doubtful exactly the same factor could be stated about Hardline. With all the approaching content being released soon, it appears like fans is going to be playing Battlefield 1 for quite a while.

Battlefield 1 can be obtained now around the PS4, Xbox One and Home windows PC. Players can acquire the premium pass if they would like to obtain the expansions from the game immediately.

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