&quotNo Graphics/Visuals Downgrade In Infamous: Second Boy Since E3 2013&quot Clarifies Sucker Punch



“No Graphics/Visuals Downgrade In Infamous: Second Boy Since E3 2013” Clarifies Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch’s approaching Ps 4 exclusive title, Infamous: Second Boy is really a visual treat, but lately there is some confusion associated with in-game graphics/visual as screenshots shared by early proprietors of Infamous: Second Boy retail copies show massive downgrade (take a look at couple of comparison screenshot below).


InFAMOUS: Second Boy Tech Art Lead Jason Connell has clarified via Twitter that there are no graphics downgrade whatsoever since E3 2013.

“Certainly no visual downgrade of graphics since that time! We put that specific area in sunset rather of sunny time in order that it matches the atmosphere of narrative better.”

Conell then described some interesting effects associated with graphics/visuals that we’ll see in Infamous: Second Boy final build.

“Funny you mention that… during the night, this is exactly what we call ‘light pollution’. Throughout the night time, in large cities… you will notice the clouds turn a typical light color in the city below. Particularly in metropolitan areas like Seattle…where we’ve very low cloud decks. I attempted to place that in to the games evening.

Well, whenever we gone to live in HDR and Physical Based Lighting… one benefit is getting the planet rendering feel and look just like a cameras exposure. So, we have to make certain that things look great in most duration of days…but the machine supports it fully.”

Conell also confirmed that in Infamous: Second Boy, there will not be any improvement in lightning between cutscenes and game play:

“Without any difference. The first is controlled through the player (by pressing the best buttons…) and something is controlled because when we script the forex in to the motion picture. Same forex system and same lighting though.”

Last although not minimal, Connell spoken about how exactly Ps 4 power contributed in growth and development of Infamous: Second Boy.

“Power. Seriously… without getting too techy… it is simply a lot more effective. More lights, more glare, more particles, lights in particles… excellent stuff.

Sucker Punch has produced their very own proprietary engine. We have tried on the extender for those our games including that one. Although we have done a significant upgrade towards the visuals to benefit from PS4.”

Infamous: Second Boy will launch on March 24 solely on PS4.



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