Do new augmented reality patents hint at Apple’s response to Google Glass?


Do new augmented reality patents hint at Apple’s answer to Google Glass?

You understand what’s awful? Reality. It’s all regulated controlled filled with sequesters and drug-resistant super bugs. Good factor lots of tech publication rack concentrating on replacing reality by getting a better “augmented reality” that melds the specific and virtual.

Despite tech companies’ best efforts, AR has unsuccessful capture fire while using public. It is because it is not appropriate for that present slate of hardware. The customer must awkwardly hold-up their phone or tablet, that’s annoying, and additionally it opens their digital lives to all or any the lookie-loos inside the general area. Not ideal.

However new toys for instance Google Glass will utilize augmented reality’s potential. Any manufacturers who anticipate being players in the decade have formerly started be prepared for an AR revolution which will be enabled with the coming generations of immersive consumer tech.

The patent pertains to non-specific iOS-powered touchscreen devices and contains two primary innovations: 1) allowing users to virtually leave information (notes, images, graphs) for other users and two) a couple-screen system that will present the particular and virtual worlds side-by-side.Apple was recently awarded an augmented reality patent they initially requested this season. Browse the all the boring technical deets here. Formally, the patent covers “Synchronized, interactive augmented reality displays for multifunction devices.” Which basically means more social interactivity while using virtual world.


Obviously, manufacturers frequently apply for patents that never add up to anything. Frequently they’re nothing more than reserve ammunition for use within the escalating patent wars. Within this situation, these AR patents may be used against Google Glass or any other headset makers whenever they present anything even remotely similar. There is however also the chance that Apple might be intending to really put them into action soon.

For the time being, the spastic Apple rumor mill is busy grinding out whispers about tweaks regarding existing hardware lines or even the still-unofficial Apple Watch (or iWatch, whatever). However, for example Google Glass’ smart headgear, or eventually display-capable contacts (that is a factor), can make AR the most well-liked information platform for the future.

Main point here: while patents such as these might easily may mean practically nothing, Apple along with other manufacturers are most definitely lounging the research for brand new devices that can make our way of life more virtual.

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