Fight around the corner: flash v. hard disk drives


Fight around the corner: flash v. hard disk drives

Apple’s selection of flash memory in the ipod device nano signals the next industry struggle for that storage business.

While hard disk manufacturers are unlikely to permit flash memory makers a simple path to more markets, the chance to go in markets, for example computer drives, appears obvious.

A study on Business Week compares the inexorable march of flash memory makers, as sales of these chips increased from $2.3 billion in 2002 for an anticipated $10.1 billion this season. Incidentally, Apple’s flash partner Samsung holds 60 percent of this market.

On September 29 Samsung announced a £33 billion investment plan to grow its flash nick-making capacity.

In this announcement, Samsung Chief executive officer Hwang Chang Gyu stated: “Flash memory will ultimately replace all mobile storage devices – film, tapes, CDs, and difficult-hard drives.Inch

The report speculates that as capacities grow and costs fall (both on the 50 percent year-on-year curve), it is just dependent on time until flash-memory computers appear, offering greater advantages when it comes to power, weight and responsiveness.

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