The new sony Japan launches new HD Personal stereo


The new sony Japan launches new HD Personal stereo

The new sony has provided its difficult-disk drive-based Network Personal stereo some design tweaks along with a lower cost for new (NW-HD2) which will continue purchase in October.

The organization features a variety of colours, replacing the initially available silver or black product with models in silver, blue or pink, stated Hanae Kato, a spokeswoman for The new sony Marketing of Japan.

Sony’s change to blue and pink reflects Apple’s success with individuals particular colours of ipod device small in Japan, and also the pink and eco-friendly versions are well-liked by youthful women, stated Michiko Nakatani, a spokeswoman for Apple’s Japanese unit.

The gamer may also be billed now in the cord using a small interface adapter. Users needed to put the first model inside a cradle to charge it. The in-line handheld remote control can also be gone in the headphone cord on latest version, Kato stated.

The brand new player includes a 20GB hard-disk drive and works with Sony’s ATRAC3 compression format. Software programs are incorporated to transform songs from many other formats, including MP3.

The NW-HD2 is going to be obtainable in Japan from October 10 for around ¥40,000 ($360). Once the original version continued purchase in This summer it cost ¥53,000. Apple’s 20GB ipod device costs ¥33,400 in Japan.

There aren’t any current intends to sell the unit outdoors Japan.


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  1. travisgamer 2 years ago

    Couple of things I think about this. Fi1t, I see more COD ripoffs than I care to mention. Secondly, isn&1quo;t Robert Bowling in LA making a new…ahem…game studio (lol)? It&1quo;s funny how this article is worded. It&1quo;s exaggerated towards Bowling&1quo;s involvement yet never truly gives him credit. I get the impression he&1quo;s spent little to no time AT the studio helping in any part of this game, besides probably a $10,000 donation and some COD playing history geekery. Kind of like his ‘frontman&1quo; title at Infiniti Ward. You mean ‘community manager&1quo; right? Like what that new web game girl is doing at said company now? Well, I&1quo;ll pass thanks.

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