More Hints of the New Legacy of Kain Within the Works


More Hints of the New Legacy of Kain Within the Works


After a period of quiet, we’ve records in Steam’s notes about Nosgoth, the field of the Legacy of Kain games.

The Legacy of Kain number of games were great encounters. They certainly had their flaws and far from the writing was foreseeable, however the personality embodied within the figures of Kain and Raziel was what made the games playable, and both had personality in spades.

It had been merely a couple of several weeks ago we’ve got our first hint of something possibly finding yourself in the whole shebang for that series. Square Enix registered as your own domain name. The thrill was fairly short-resided, because there weren’t any follow-up bulletins or good reasons to get excited, however it would be a hopeful hint.

We now have more evidence, as Steam’s patch logs for any certain AMD driver range from the words “Nosgoth” and “War for Nosgoth”. While neither is really a guaranteed manifestation of an approaching game, the coincidence could be outstanding. Nosgoth is a reasonably specific word, not present with fantasy game titles outdoors from the series, and also the coincidence of “War for Nosgoth” appearing again appears an excessive amount of not to herald something coming.

Keep the fingers entered.


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