Mario Maker adds new elements in a few days


Mario Maker adds new elements in a few days

Nintendo announced a brand new update to Mario Maker coming in a few days, with new stage elements and the other game mode.

The update will prove to add four new course elements. A Skewer from Mario World is going to be available by trembling a Thomp. All of those other elements center around the brand new key doorways. Trembling a door turns it to some key door, and trembling a P-switch turns it right into a key. Coins could be shaken to using them as pink coins, that will give a key if you discover these inside a stage.

A brand new Super Expert form of the 100 Mario Challenge is going to be readily available for individuals who’ve completed Expert mode. It’ll at random pick six tough-as-nails Super Expert stages. Your reward for finishing it will likely be new Mystery Mushroom costumes.

An update towards the bookmark site enables you to sort by world records and first clears too. The update is originating March 9.


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  1. JNE317 2 years ago

    If they continue the pattern, this will be Xbox One/PC exclusive because Dead Rising 3 was Xbox One/PC exclusive.

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