No new iOS apps over Christmas, Apple states


No new iOS apps over Christmas, Apple states

Christmas could be the season to become jolly, but when you are wishing for many brand-new iOS apps to raise your festive mood within the holidays then we are afraid you are set for a disappointment.

ElectricPig reports that developers registered with iTunes Connect were advised within an email that no new iPhone apps or iPad apps is going to be reviewed, approved or provided within the week around Christmas.

Newly discovered apps and updates to existing apps is going to be overlooked until 30 December, developers were advised. “We highly recommend that you don’t schedule prices changes with the interval prices system in iTunes Connect that will work from December 22 through December 29,” the e-mail reads.

So, if you discover an iphone 4g 4S or apple ipad 2 inside your stocking this season, you will be restricted to installing apps which were released before 22 December and also you will not have the ability to download anything completely new until it’s almost time for you to see in 2012.



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