GTA V Patch 1.10 Out Now, Size 56MB, Unofficial Changelog says "Numerous Bugs/Glitch Fixed And More": UPDATED


GTA V Patch 1.10 Out Now, Size 56MB, Unofficial Changelog says “Numerous Bugs/Glitch Fixed And More”: UPDATED

Rockstar Games has just released Grand Theft Auto V Patch 1.10. The update weighs 56MB in size and is now available for download on both Xbox 360 and PS3.

GTA V The official changelog is not yet revealed by Rockstar Games, but we won’t have to wait for the list of changes that the update carries, as Reddit user michaelpece has created a list of changes/improvements patch 1.10 makes to GTA V.

Read full list below. PLEASE NOTE: This is not an official changelog, but list of changes observed by GTA V players after installing patch 1.10


Rockstar Games has finally released official changelog of GTA V Patch 1.10, its a massive list, read details about every changes and bug fix HERE.

The main thing in this patch is the Valentine’s Day content:

  • New gun ‘Gusenberg Sweeper’
  • New vehicle Roosevelt (friends can hang off the side, and it has an awesome horn) ($750,000!)
  • Haircut for female characters
  • Clothes
  • 10 new jobs

The items are only available for a limited time, but should remain in your inventory forever once purchased.

Additions and Changes:

  • ‘Friend Attack Priority’ option added to Interaction Menu. Makes it so you can’t accidentally kill your friends.
  • Player blips now have an arrow in them indicating whether they are above or below you. This arrow flashes between the arrow and a number that shows the number of passengers in a vehicle.
  • ‘Vehicle Access’ (Interaction Menu) can now be set to ‘Passengers’. This allows people to only enter as passengers.
  • ‘Spawn Location’ can now be set to garage and ‘random’ (spawn randomly around San Andreas). Can now be changed on the Interaction Menu. Doesn’t have an effect until you change session, which sucks.
  • The Ratloader is now classed as a ‘Muscle Car’ instead of a ‘Utility Vehicle’, which means it can be stored in garages. It can be bought and modded for FREE for a limited time from the south SA autos website. It SHOULD still be available to buy after that period, but who knows.
  • ‘Auto Equip Armour’ option added to ‘Inventory’ in Interaction Menu.
  • ‘Share Cash’ option completely removed from Interaction Menu (never worked anyway).
  • An e-mail app has been added to the phone. Doesn’t seem to have a purpose yet. Could be for when businesses get added to online.
  • If someone kills you while you’re in passive mode they pay your hospital bills.
  • Job type (race/DM/capture etc.) icons now in voting screens on the images.
  • The mechanic no longer delivers cars when they are requested; they just spawn nearby. There are still issues when the vehicles won’t appear though. Can be fixed by moving away to a different path (street) or sometimes looking around/up/down or opening the Internet browser.
  • GPS ‘Personal Vehicle’ option added
  • ‘Join Contact Mission’ added to Quick Jobs
  • New action ‘Blow Kiss’ (see item #4 “Action” in Interaction Menu) [may be for Valentine’s Day only]

Bug/Glitch Fixes:

  • Cornrow haircut bug fixed. FINALLY.
  • Teleporting across the map using job playlists has been fixed
  • Vehicle duplication glitch fixed
  • Invincibility glitch fixed
  • Players no longer become wanted when they exit their garage in a vehicle that Simeon wants.
  • The glitch to buy vehicles that you shouldn’t be able to (Rhino Tank before level 70, Cargobob etc.) has been fixed.

Vehicle Insurance Glitch

  • The insurance for garage vehicle (back left when looking from the garage door) seems to disappear. This has happened with previous patches. Check the insurance of your vehicles by pressing down on the d-pad while looking at it in your garage. If it has no insurance, go in to a solo session (go into story mode, Pause > Online > Play GTA Online > Solo Session) and insure it at LS customs. If you try to insure a vehicle in a public lobby, you know somebody’s probably going to blow you up and you’ll lose that vehicle.

‘You have no access to this Vehicle’ glitch

  • It seems some people are having trouble getting in their own vehicle. If this happens, it can be fixed by setting Vehicle Access to ‘Everyone’ in the Interaction Menu.

Source: Reddit

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