Macworld Expo: Chronos shows Consultant 3


Macworld Expo: Chronos shows Consultant 3

Chronos has demonstrated its revved up Consultant personal information management (PIM) suite. It is now available in two varieties – Consultant 3.0 and Office Consultant 3.0.

Consultant integrates a calendar, address book, word processor, memo taker, phone dialler and alarm clock into a single application. Easy to use, the application is compatible with PalmPilots and Handsprings.

The new version adds filtering functions, list views and new programs, including Advisor. Advisor offers a schedule checker and contacts finder facility. The contacts finder lets you find a contact without launching the full application.

Office Consultant is aimed at network users, and offers a range of access levels. It also offers the ability to use “mirror files”. A user can access information, even if they can’t connect to the network server. PowerBook users can disconnect their computer from the network and leave the office. When they return, their changes will be automatically synchronized with the network data file.

Consultant 3.0 will be available for download for $49.99. Office Consultant costs $99.99.

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  1. scharfel_stifel 5 years ago

    ok the people who made this game are and will be for a while, f*** idiots they open up a game with like only 3 spots open and they even put a ad on youtube NO SHIT YOUR GOING TO GET ALOT OF ACCCOUNT REGISTRATION YOU HAVE A F*** AD ABOUT IT. I just want to play the game so plz may i have a key VDG7G-RN45T-9LNN4-X78T5
    WNE5I-QLMGQ-I9DRK-H1VSM guess what its NOT valid so dont 😛

  2. weaselgopher 5 years ago

    I’ve seen the same thing happen to Tripwire’s Killing Floor: Calamity. Amazon seems to have pulled that, though.

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